[apparmor] [patch] make tftp server for dnsmasq working

Christian Boltz apparmor at cboltz.de
Tue Apr 17 19:51:52 UTC 2012


Am Montag, 16. April 2012 schrieb Steve Beattie:
> The ideal solution would be something integrated into the dnsmasq init
> script process that parses out the dnsmasq config enough to determine
> the tftproot and sets a variable in an included file for the profile
> before loading both the profile and starting dnsmasq.
> Since that's not going to happen, 

Never say never ;-)

For example, the Samba package in openSUSE >= 12.1 has a script that 
creates a profile sniplet at startup for all shares. (Guess who wrote 
it... ;-)

Doing something similar for dnsmasq shouldn't be too hard. (But I won't 
do it.)

> and while I'm not particularly keen on having multiple default 
> directories, 

The alternative would be to maintain per-distribution patches forever, 
which doesn't sound better to me.

> I don't have a strong objection to it going in.

You are too late anyway - it's commited ;-)


Christian Boltz
>>Mir sind genug NT - Admins mit Gehaeltern ab 150 KDM bekannt, die 
>>weniger von NT wissen als ich  -  und das ist _sehr_ wenig.
>NT-Admins werden wie Bundestagsabgeordnete bezahlt?
Wo kriegt man so Angebote? Gibt es irgendwo einen MCSE-Straßenstrich?
[in dasr]

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