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John Johansen john.johansen at canonical.com
Mon Apr 2 20:27:13 UTC 2012

On 03/31/2012 02:00 AM, Christian Boltz wrote:
> Hello,
> maybe you have already heard that the openSUSE Summit will take place 
> from September 21-23, 2012 in Orlando Florida.
Christian out of curiousity what kind of workshop, would you have run?

I am assuming a more hands on style tutorial right? It would be really
good if we could have someone from the community be there representing
the project, so we will be kicking around ways for this to happen
and should work towards putting together a proposal that someone could

> I was asked if I want to give a workshop about AppArmor, but 
> unfortunately the timing is very bad (the summit is in the middle of 
> grape harvest, which means I can't go there).
> Is one of you interested to visit the summit and do a workshop there?
> (See CfP below for details.)
> Talks or workshops on other topics are of course also welcome as long 
> as they have something to do with Linux and/or match the openSUSE motd
> "Have a lot of fun...".
> Feel free to forward the CfP to a more broader audience in the Ubuntu
> world ;-)
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> Von:     Jos Poortvliet <jos at opensuse.org>
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> Betreff: [opensuse-announce] openSUSE Summit website up and CfP started!
> Datum:   Donnerstag, 29. März 2012
> The openSUSE community is happy to announce that starting March 29 the 
> openSUSE Summit team will accept session proposals for the openSUSE Summit. 
> The openSUSE Summit will take place from September 21-23, 2012 in Orlando 
> Florida at the Caribe Royale Hotel. The proposal submission period ends on 
> June 15, 2012 at midnight EDT. Final announcement of the program will occur 
> on or before July 23, 2012. Starting today our website on 
> summmit.opensuse.org is online and ready to inform you about our summit!
> The Summit aims to continue the tradition of fun and exciting gatherings for 
> openSUSE in the Americas. We will deliver a bi-lingual event with some 
> sessions offered in English and some in Spanish. In good openSUSE spirit we 
> also want to make this event as welcoming as possible by inviting other 
> projects to participate in the Summit.
> =Paper submissions=
> We hereby invite the openSUSE and wider Free Software community to submit 
> session proposals for the openSUSE summit. The openSUSE Summit will have 3 
> tracks as outlined below. Presentations, BoF (Birds of a Feather) sessions 
> and work shops are expected to align with the track topic.
> * openSUSE Community
> The openSUSE Community track provides information and discussion around the 
> openSUSE community. Topics include but are not limited to Project governance 
> and organization, ambassadorship and getting involved.
> * openSUSE Tech
> The openSUSE Tech track provides information, discussion, and hands on 
> experience with the technology that makes openSUSE tick. Topics in this 
> track include, but are not limited to the openSUSE development model, 
> Packaging workshops, the Open Build Service, KIWI and more.
> * open World
> The open World track provides a platform to present your project, or listen 
> to the interesting things our sponsors want to share. Topics in this track 
> may cover demos and HowTos, FOSS project introductions, or other interesting 
> topics from areas such as the "Maker movement". This is also the platform 
> for cross-community collaboration with upstream or other Linux 
> distributions.
> =Fun=
> The openSUSE Summit, by virtue of being an openSUSE event, has fun high on 
> the agenda. Therefore, proposals that are "outside the box" of a "regular" 
> software focused conference are encouraged. Collaboratively Building a Giant 
> Paper Mache Geeko has already been proposed and rejected due to 
> environmental concerns.
> =How to submit session proposals=
> Submit proposals for the openSUSE Summit using the registration and 
> submission website at [1]. If you have not spoken at a previous openSUSE 
> event, please create a new account to submit an abstract. The abstract 
> submission should contain at least a 200 word description of the topic you 
> plan to discuss, as well as a short (~ 50 word) description of yourself.
> *Please note:* All openSUSE events are governed by the openSUSE Code of 
> Conduct [2]. The speaker guidelines [3] outline requirements for the 
> submission of proposals and provide other valuable information for speakers.
> [1] http://bit.ly/HiXb2X
> [2] http://bit.ly/HmIqwJ 
> [3] http://bit.ly/HiXydO
> -------------------------------------
> Regards,
> Christian Boltz

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