Nominated cherrpicks for 2.5.1

Jamie Strandboge jamie at
Mon Jun 21 19:37:49 BST 2010

Here are a list of apparmor_notify and abstraction updates that I think
should be in 2.5.1.

r1409: statvfs allowed by default
r1406: abstractions/user-tmp: require 'owner' matching
r1403: add dbus-session abstraction
r1397-r1398: adjust cgi path for php5 abstraction (LP: #538661)
r1389: add 'k' to /var/lib/samba/**.tdb in the samba abstraction

r1391-r1396,r1401-r1402,r1405,r1407-r1408: apparmor_notify updates.
These commits should bring apparmor_notify and apparmor_notify.pod up to
what is in trunk. In short:

- add long options
- cleanup output
- better handle auditd
- handle logfile rotation
- use seteuid() to drop privileges so we can raise/drop after log file 
  rotation. Add -u USER option for dropping privileges when not using 
- man page updates
- group like entries together when using -v with -s (and later cleanups)

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