[apparmor] AppArmor utils on openSUSE

Christian Boltz apparmor at cboltz.de
Mon Dec 20 00:10:55 GMT 2010


Am Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010 schrieb John Johansen:
> On 12/19/2010 07:23 AM, Christian Boltz wrote:
> > The question is how this could be solved.
> > Do you have updated logprof/genprof for AppArmor 2.3 that
> > understand *x permission log entries?
> > Or can I simply switch to the 2.5 utils without breaking something?
> The solution is getting opensuse updated to the new tools, there have
> been some packaging issues, but jeffm has fixed some of those and
> steve has also done some work at improving the packaging.

Yes, I know, and I also know that this is an ongoing effort. Jeff wrote 
today in the bugreport that he is working on some "interesting" 
packaging issues and that he expects to have 2.5.x in openSUSE 11.4 

However, this bug is open for a long time and I'm getting impatient - 
for me it is a blocker for upgrading several servers, and 11.1 (which is 
the last with working utils) is going out of support in some days...

> You should be able to use the apparmor 2.5 tools, as they are
> backwards compatible with 2.3, 

Sounds promising :-) - I'll test that.

Unfortunately the build for 11.3 in security:apparmor:factory fails 
while trying to install a manpage, and the packages for factory don't 
match the perl version in 11.3 (which means I would at least have to 
move the perl modules around - not a big job, but nothing I want to do 
after midnight ;-)
(If I just overlooked a working package for 11.3 somewhere, I'd welcome 
a pointer.)

> and you will see some nice improvements.  Policy compilation is faster 

Sounds like a really good thing. I have a (11.1) server with a big 
apache profile (with about 150 hats/vHosts, profile filesize 70k + 150 
abstractions [one per hat, auto-generated with a script] with 1k each + 
another (shared) 2k abstraction + 10k abstractions included by this 
abstraction - that all is included in all vHosts/hats).

That makes 
                     70k   Apache profile
+ 150 * 1k =        150k   abstractions/vhost_*
+ 150 * (2k+10k) = 1800k   abstractions included in every vHost/hat
                 = 2040k

2040k = 2 MB total profile size if I follow all abstractions/*. Wow.

Currently rcapparmor reload takes 36s on this server (not really 
surprising) - that will make it a good performance testbed for the new 
utils ;-)

> and if you take the steps to setup a policy cache, policy
> loading is very fast,

The problem is that most times when I call "rcapparmor reload", 
the reason is a change in the apache profile or one of the hats. 
I guess caching doesn't make too much sense then?


Christian Boltz
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