[vote] Circle

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at ubuntu.com
Wed Jul 18 23:26:16 UTC 2012

On 2012-07-11 17:08, Andrew Starr-Bochicchio wrote:
> I've reviewed Circle
> <https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1237/>, and think it is
> ready for vote. I've pushed some minor packaging changes to:
> lp:~andrewsomething/ubuntu-app-reviews/circle  With these changes it
> is lintian clean except for the file installed to opt/ warning. It is
> also arb-lint clean. It builds in a clean precise chroot. I've
> installed it and gave it a quick test drive with no major issue.
> Like for a previous app, my one other comment is that bin/circle is a
> bit on the generic side, but I suppose that's why we have the extras
> namespace. I'll leave it to the board to decide if that's a blocker.

Yep. I was almost surprised that there wasn't a 'circle' package 
already in the archives :)

Looks good, +1


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