Please address the issues with your Ubuntu App Showdown Submission to qualify for the contest

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Tue Jul 10 17:03:46 UTC 2012

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> Hi,
> I'm contacting you because you have stated interest in participating in
> the Ubuntu App Showdown.
> Your application is missing something in order to qualify for the
> contest, and we would appreciate that you could address the issue listed
> below asap.
> You've been working hard in your app these last 3 weeks, and we want to

thanks for the compliment but i have not worked hard enough, got distracted with my day job. The showdown, however, has helped getting me hooked. And will use this in future. Thank yiu very much for setting this up! Sadly I'm away from my computer now and will be for the next weeks. 

> ensure it makes it to the contest, but we need input from you for it to
> qualify.
> Please address the issue listed for your app below:
> - The PPA for your app is empty (it contains no packages) or
> non-existent. Please upload a package to participate in the contest. If
> you've used Quickly to develop your app, you can simply issue the
> 'quickly' submitubuntu command. This affects the following submissions:

i used quickly for my app and simply did jono's mybrowser tutorial. The submitubuntu did not work for me. I submitted a bug (or asked in askubuntu, do not recall) and got some pointers but lacked the skill and time. i'm sure i'll get around it.

>     * Share Ubuntu Updates -
>     * Nudge -
>     * Convertik -
>     * MapRog -
>     * BorraDos -

BorraDos is mine, i actually is a simple modification of mybrowser tutorial but was unable to get very far. Thank you for your concern! May the best one win! i was really looking forward for the phone and t-shirt. Alas! Maybe next time.

> If you haven't replied to us or addressed the issues in the next 24
> hours, your app will not qualify for the contest.
> Thanks!
> Cheers,
> David.

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