[ubuntu/zesty-proposed] dpdk 16.11-1 (Accepted)

ChristianEhrhardt christian.ehrhardt at canonical.com
Thu Jan 19 11:23:18 UTC 2017

dpdk (16.11-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Christian Ehrhardt ]
  * Merge stable release 16.11 and adapt patches
    - imported latest stable release from dpdk-16.11.tar.gz
      stable release changelog at
    - Delete patches that are upstream:
      - d/p/dpdk-dev-ppc-enable-*
      - d/p/dpdk-dev-v2-*-4*
      - d/p/rte-devel-build-env.patch
      - d/p/rte-compile-pre-cppflags.patch
      - d/p/make-load-devel-config-not-to-appear-as-executable.patch
      - d/p/dpdk-dev-doc-fix-old-dpdk-nic-bind.py-references.patch
      - d/p/fix-double-license-info.patch
  * Added changes
    - add qede pmd now built by default
    - add new librte-net library
    - bump librte-eal version from 2 to 3 as package rename transition
    - bump librte-cryptodev version from 1 to 2 as package rename transition
    - bump librte-ethdev version from 4 to 5 and the library rename that was
      made upstream as package rename transition
    - update symbols files to match the new release
    - make autotest dep8 test always pass (failed fatally on e.g. LP).
      We want to stabilize and get more logs of different environments before
      we can enable it as a gating test.

  [ Luca Boccassi ]
  * Set maintainer to pkg-dpdk-dev alioth list
  * Make dpdk suggest dpdk-doc (Closes: #847626)

Date: 2017-01-17 22:12:26.994251+00:00
Signed-By: ChristianEhrhardt <christian.ehrhardt at canonical.com>
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