[ubuntu/zesty-proposed] stress-ng 0.07.15-1 (Accepted)

Colin Ian King colin.king at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 17 22:35:51 UTC 2017

stress-ng (0.07.15-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Makefile: bump version
  * fast-test-all: use --stressors to get the list of stressors
  * stress-ng: fix typo in tlb-shootdown-ops option
  * stress-ng: correct the alphabetical order of stressor names
  * fast-test-all: sync before running next test
  * mounts: cater for *BSD mount info fetching
  * stress-netlink-proc.c: fix build issue on non-Linux systems
  * Fix build issue introduced in commit 39025068b1fe1c2a72220
  * stress-ng.h: remove double line spacing, add some comments
  * Manual: update contributors list
  * stress-rename: fix incorrect end of test logic
  * stress-ng: minor cleanup of spacing, some inlining and comments
  * Remove white space and replace ^ . with \t
  * Forgot to add in stress-netlink-proc.c
  * Add netlink-proc stressor
  * stress-rlimit: force checking of run time in case we miss SIGALRM

Date: 2017-01-17 22:24:41.515843+00:00
Changed-By: Colin Ian King <colin.king at ubuntu.com>
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