[ubuntu/zesty-proposed] tinyproxy 1.8.4-1 (Accepted)

Jeremy Bicha jeremy at bicha.net
Tue Jan 17 04:38:36 UTC 2017

tinyproxy (1.8.4-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release.
    - Drops supplementary groups on startup (thanks, Gaudenz Steinlin;
      closes: #722215).
  * Update Homepage URL again.
  * Update Vcs-* fields following migration to Git.
  * Bump to debhelper compat v10.
    Remove explicit Build-Depend on dh-autoreconf, now handled by dh.
  * Drop all patches, all merged upstream.
  * Drop no longer needed Build-Deps on bison, flex and libadns1-dev.
  * Call dh_auto_configure instead of configure directly.
  * Replace $(MAKE) call with dh_auto_install.
  * Rewrite copyright in machine-readable format version 1.0.
  * Make $DESC more descriptive in the init script.
  * Make init script source init-functions from lsb-base.
  * Update Standards-Version to 3.9.8.
  * Change /var/run references to /run.
  * Add Michael Adam's OpenPGP key to upstream/signing-key.asc.
  * Update watch file for Github releases, and check PGP signature.
  * Remove obsolete debian/source/options.
  * Add systemd service and tmpfile files.
  * Pass --fail-missing to dh_install.
  * Enable all hardening options.
  * Depend on lsb-base to ensure the utility functions are available.

Date: 2017-01-13 16:24:05.983545+00:00
Signed-By: Jeremy Bicha <jeremy at bicha.net>
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