[ubuntu/zesty-proposed] med-fichier 3.0.6-11 (Accepted)

Graham Inggs graham at nerve.org.za
Mon Feb 27 06:14:35 UTC 2017

med-fichier (3.0.6-11) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Team upload.

  [ Gilles Filippini ]
  * Do not ignore testcase failures
  * Temporarily disabling MPI support for arm64 (not functionnal
  * New patches:
    - hdf5-1.10-support.patch: fix HDF5 1.10 support (closes: #855130)
    - parallel-test-seed.patch: use the same random() seed for each MPI
    - tests-ignore-native-char-impl.patch: patch some testcase scripts
      to ignore differences from arch specific native char types
  * Drop patch fix-fid-type-in-medequivinfo.patch now included into

  [ Anton Gladky ]
  * Add --oversubscribe option to mpi to escape fails if slots are 
    not available

Date: 2017-02-25 04:19:03.504261+00:00
Signed-By: Graham Inggs <graham at nerve.org.za>
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