[ubuntu/zesty-proposed] emacs25 25.1+1-2 (Accepted)

LocutusOfBorg costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it
Tue Oct 25 13:09:55 UTC 2016

emacs25 (25.1+1-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Respect DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck.  Thanks to David Bremner for
    reporting the issue.

  * Don't dh_auto_clean, and run dh_clean first.  Since we don't build
    in the source tree, we shouldn't clean there either, and let
    dh_clean take care of its bits before we stomp around.

  * Install emacs.appdata.xml as emacs25.appdata.xml.

  * Drop emacs23 icons to avoid future path conflicts.  Thanks to
    Tatsuya Kinoshita for reporting the problem. (Closes: 841687)

  * Fix fix for package-test gpg-agent cleanup race.  Specify
    --no-autostart so that we don't start an agent if one wasn't
    already running when we're requesting shutdown, and delete the
    test dir with "rm -rf" to avoid being affected by vanishing
    sockets (sockets that gpg-agent may be deleting in parallel).

  * Add gnupg-agent build-dep for package-test.

  * Don't segfault if gcc expects -nopie instead of -no-pie.  Thanks
    to Lucas Nussbaum and Aaron M. Ucko for reporting the problem, and
    Sven Joachim for tracking down the upstream patch. (Closes:

Date: 2016-10-25 10:21:31.365449+00:00
Signed-By: LocutusOfBorg <costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it>
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