[ubuntu/zesty-proposed] miral 0.3.0+17.04.20161024-0ubuntu1 (Accepted)

Łukasz Zemczak lukasz.zemczak at canonical.com
Tue Oct 25 10:30:12 UTC 2016

miral (0.3.0+17.04.20161024-0ubuntu1) zesty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release 0.3.0 (https://launchpad.net/miral/+milestone/0.3)
    - ABI summary:
      . miral ABI unchanged at 1
    - Enhancements:
      . Add miral-xrun as a better way to use Xmir
      . Added miral/version.h to allow permit compile-time feature detection
      . A convenient overload of WindowManagerTools::modify_window() that
        doesn't require the WindowInfo
      . Add userdata property to WindowSpecification and copy it to WindowInfo
      . miral::Keymap - support for keyboard maps (either programatically
        Keymap::set_keymap(), or via config --keymap)
    - Bugs fixed:
      . Crash after closing Qt dialog (LP: #1631958)
      . tooltips positioned wrong with mir0.24 (LP: #1632325, LP: #1633052)
      . Shell wants way to associate initially requested window creation state
        with the window later created (#1629349)
      . [Xmir] Alt+` switch between different apps not just windows
        (LP: #1625849)
      . miral-shell splash screen should be fullscreen.
      . TitlebarWindowManagerPolicy::end_resize() should do nothing if not
      . deduplicate logging of WindowSpecification::top_left

Date: 2016-10-24 15:26:16.371684+00:00
Changed-By: Alan Griffiths <alan at octopull.co.uk>
Signed-By: Ubuntu Archive Robot <cjwatson+ubuntu-archive-robot at chiark.greenend.org.uk>
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