[ubuntu/yakkety-updates] nagios-nrpe 2.15-1ubuntu3 (Accepted)

Chris Halse Rogers chris at cooperteam.net
Wed May 17 02:49:28 UTC 2017

nagios-nrpe (2.15-1ubuntu3) yakkety; urgency=medium

  * debian/rules : Add "--enable-command-args". (LP: #1555258)
    This update enables the command-args support in nrpe 
    by not ignoring option "dont_blame_nrpe=1". By default, 
    the option is set as follow : "dont_blame_nrpe=0", which 
    has the same effect of having the command-args support 
    disabled at compile time like Debian does. Ubuntu has decided 
    to deviate from Debian upstream for that particular case to 
    allow/unblock the Ubuntu users of nrpe to make the choice for 
    themselves whether to accept the security risks that the feature 
    involve by manually enabling command-args in nrpe.cfg or not. 
    For more details as of why Debian has decided to disable the 
    feature can be found in debian/NEWS. (closes: #756479)

  * [5bf9b20] Add 10_remote_execution_exploit_fix.dpatch patch (LP: #1555258)
    As requested by the security team.

Date: 2017-05-08 13:03:11.433946+00:00
Changed-By: Eric Desrochers <eric.desrochers at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Chris Halse Rogers <chris at cooperteam.net>
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