[ubuntu/yakkety-proposed] linux-raspi2 4.8.0-1041.45 (Accepted)

Łukasz Zemczak lukasz.zemczak at canonical.com
Thu Jun 22 09:20:19 UTC 2017

linux-raspi2 (4.8.0-1041.45) yakkety; urgency=low

  * linux-raspi2: 4.8.0-1041.45 -proposed tracker (LP: #1699037)

  * raspi2 config diverges from master/generic armhf (LP: #1693250)
    - [Config] config sync wrt master/generic
    - [Config] disable FB_SIMPLE
    - [Config] config sync wrt master/generic =m
    - remove the of_mmc_spi module

  [ Ubuntu: 4.8.0-57.62 ]

  * linux: 4.8.0-57.62 -proposed tracker (LP: #1699035)
  * CVE-2017-1000364
    - SAUCE: mm: Only expand stack if guard area is hit
  * CVE-2017-7374
    - fscrypt: remove broken support for detecting keyring key revocation
  * CVE-2017-100363
    - char: lp: fix possible integer overflow in lp_setup()
  * CVE-2017-9242
    - ipv6: fix out of bound writes in __ip6_append_data()
  * CVE-2017-9075
    - sctp: do not inherit ipv6_{mc|ac|fl}_list from parent
  * CVE-2017-9074
    - ipv6: Prevent overrun when parsing v6 header options
  * CVE-2017-9076
    - ipv6/dccp: do not inherit ipv6_mc_list from parent
  * CVE-2017-9077
    - ipv6/dccp: do not inherit ipv6_mc_list from parent
  * CVE-2017-8890
    - dccp/tcp: do not inherit mc_list from parent
  * extend-diff-ignore should use exact matches (LP: #1693504)
    - [Packaging] exact extend-diff-ignore matches
  * APST quirk needed for Intel NVMe (LP: #1686592)
    - nvme: Quirk APST on Intel 600P/P3100 devices
  * regression: the 4.8 hwe kernel does not create the
    /sys/block/*/device/enclosure_device:* symlinks (LP: #1691899)
    - scsi: ses: Fix SAS device detection in enclosure
  * datapath: Add missing case OVS_TUNNEL_KEY_ATTR_PAD (LP: #1676679)
    - openvswitch: Add missing case OVS_TUNNEL_KEY_ATTR_PAD
  * connection flood to port 445 on mounting cifs volume under kernel
    (LP: #1686099)
    - cifs: Do not send echoes before Negotiate is complete
  * Support IPMI system interface on Cavium ThunderX (LP: #1688132)
    - i2c: octeon: Rename driver to prepare for split
    - i2c: octeon: Split the driver into two parts
    - [Config] CONFIG_I2C_THUNDERX=m
    - i2c: thunderx: Add i2c driver for ThunderX SOC
    - i2c: thunderx: Add SMBUS alert support
    - i2c: octeon,thunderx: Move register offsets to struct
    - i2c: octeon: Sort include files alphabetically
    - i2c: octeon: Use booleon values for booleon variables
    - i2c: octeon: thunderx: Add MAINTAINERS entry
    - i2c: octeon: Fix set SCL recovery function
    - i2c: octeon: Avoid sending STOP during recovery
    - i2c: octeon: Fix high-level controller status check
    - i2c: octeon: thunderx: TWSI software reset in recovery
    - i2c: octeon: thunderx: Remove double-check after interrupt
    - i2c: octeon: thunderx: Limit register access retries
    - i2c: thunderx: Enable HWMON class probing
  * CVE-2017-5577
    - drm/vc4: Return -EINVAL on the overflow checks failing.
  * Merlin SGMII fail on Ubuntu Xenial HWE kernel (LP: #1686305)
    - net: phy: marvell: fix Marvell 88E1512 used in SGMII mode
    - drivers: net: phy: xgene: Fix mdio write
  * Keyboard backlight control does not work on some dell laptops.
    (LP: #1693126)
    - platform/x86: dell-laptop: Add Latitude 7480 and others to the DMI whitelist
    - platform/x86: dell-laptop: Add keyboard backlight timeout AC settings
  * exec'ing a setuid binary from a threaded program sometimes fails to setuid
    (LP: #1672819)
    - SAUCE: exec: ensure file system accounting in check_unsafe_exec is correct
  * CVE-2017-7294
    - drm/vmwgfx: fix integer overflow in vmw_surface_define_ioctl()

Date: 2017-06-21 15:56:14.944351+00:00
Changed-By: Juerg Haefliger <juerg.haefliger at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Łukasz Zemczak <lukasz.zemczak at canonical.com>
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