[ubuntu/yakkety-updates] snapd 2.24.1+16.10 (Accepted)

Andy Whitcroft apw at canonical.com
Mon Apr 24 11:55:45 UTC 2017

snapd (2.24.1+16.10) yakkety; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1681799:
    - fix autopkgtest failures with stable core snap
    - ensure the snap-confine transitional package cleans up
      the no-longer-used apparmor profile to fix the kernels
      autopkgtest failures

snapd (2.24+16.10) yakkety; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1681799:
    - interfaces/mount: add InfoEntry type
    - many: fix plug auto-connect during core transition
    - interfaces: fold network bind into core support with tests
    - .travis.yml: add option to make raw log less noisy
    - interfaces: adjust shm accesses to use 'm' for updated mmap kernel
    - many: rename two core plugs that clash with slot names
    - snap-confine,browser-support: /dev/tty for snap-confine, misc
      browser-support for gnome-shell
    - store: add download test with EOF in the middle
    - tests: adjust to look for network-bind-plug
    - store: make hash error message more accurate
    - overlord/snapstate: simplify AliasesStatus down to just an
      AutoAliasesDisabled bool flag (aliases v2)
    - errtracker: never send errtracker reports when running under
    - interfaces/repo: validate slot/plug names
    - daemon: Give the snap directories via GET /v2/system-info
    - interfaces/unity7: support unity messaging menu
    - interfaces/mount: add high-level Profile functions
    - git: ignore only the cmd/Makefile{,.in}
    - cmd: explicitly set _GNU_SOURCE and _FILE_OFFSET_BITS for xfs
    - daemon: add desktop file location for app to the API
    - overlord,release: disable classic snap support when not possible
    - overlord: fix TestEnsureLoopPrune not to be so racy
    - many: abstract path to /bin/{true,false}
    - data/systemd: tweak data/systemd/Makefile to be slightly simpler
    - store: handle EOF via url.Error check
    - packaging: use templates for relevant systemd units
    - tests: run gccgo only on ubuntu-16.04-64
    - .travis.yml: remove travis matrix and do a single sequential run
    - overlord/state: make sure that setting to nil a state key is
      equivalent to deleting it
    - tests: fix incorrect shell expression
    - interfaces/mount: add OptsToFlags for converting arguments to
    - interfaces: add a joystick interface
    - tests: enable docker test for more ubuntu-core systems
    - tests: download and install additional dependencies when using
      prepackaged snapd
    - many: add support for partially static builds
    - interfaces: allow slot to introspect dbus-daemon in dbus
      interface, allow /usr/bin/arch by default
    - interfaces/mount: fix golint issues
    - interfaces/mount: add function for saving fstab-like file
    - osutil: introducing GetenvInt64, like GetenvBool but Int64er.
    - interfaces: drop udev tagging from framebuffer interface
    - snapstate: more helpers to work with aliases state (aliases
    - interfaces/mount: add function for parsing fstab-like file
    - cmd: disable the re-associate fix as requested by jdstrand
    - overlord/snapstate: unlock/relock the state less, especially not
      across mutating the SnapState of a snap
    - interfaces: allow executing ld.so (needed with new AppArmor base
    - interfaces/mount: add function for parsing mount entries
    - cmd: rework header check for xfs/xqm.h
    - cmd: add poky to the list of distros which don't support reexec
    - overlord: finish reorg, revert "be more conservative until we have
      cut 2.23.x"
    - cmd: select what socket to use in cmd/snap{,ctl}
    - overlord: remove snap config values when snap is removed
    - snapstate: introduce helper to apply to disk a alias states change
      for a snap (aliases v2)
    - configstate,hookstate: timeout the configure hook after 5 mins,
      report failures to the errtracker
    - interfaces/seccomp: add bind as part of the default seccomp policy
      for hooks
    - cmd: discard the C implementation of snap-update-ns
    - tests: remove stale apt proxy leftover from cloud-init
    - tests: move unity test to nightly suite
    - interfaces: add support for location-observe for
      dbus::ObjectManager session paths
    - boot: log error in KernelOrOsRebootRequired
    - interfaces: remove old API
    - interfaces: use udev spec
    - interfaces: convert systemd backend to new APIs
    - osutil: add BootID
    - tests: move docker test to new nightly suite
    - interfaces/mount: compute mount changes required to transition
      mount profiles
    - data/selinux: add context definition for snapctl
    - overlord: clean up organization under state packages
    - overlord: make sure all managers packages have *state.go with the
      main state manipulation/query APIs
    - interfaces: use spec in the dbus backend
    - store: download from authenticated URL if there is a device
      session set
    - tests: remove core_name variable
    - interfaces: rename thumbnailer to thumbnailer-service
    - interfaces: add chroot to base templates
    - asserts: remove some unused things
    - systemd: mount the squashfs with nodev
    - overlord: when shutting down assume errors might be due to
      cancellation so retry
    - cmd: rename all unit tests to $command/unit-test
    - cmd/snap: fix help string for version command
    - asserts: don't allow revocations with other items for the same
    - tests: skip lp-1644439 test on older kernels
    - interfaces: allow "sync" to be used by core support
    - assertstate,snapstate: have assertstate.AutoAliases use the
      "aliases" header
    - interfaces: allow writing config.txt.tmp  in the core-support
    - tests: adjust network-bind test
    - interfaces: dbus backend spec
    - asserts: introduce a snap-declaration "aliases" header to list
      auto aliases with explicit targets
    - cmd: enable large file support
    - cmd/snap: handle missing snap-confine
    - cmd/snap-confine: re-associate with pid-1 mount namespace if
    - cmd/libsnap: make mountinfo structures public
    - tests: fix interfaces-cups-control for zesty
    - misc: revert "Log if the system goes into ForceDevMode"
    - interfaces: seccomp tests cleanup
    - cmd: validate SNAP_NAME
    - interfaces: log if the system goes into ForceDevMode
    - tests: fix classic-ubuntu-core-transition race
    - interfaces: use apparmor spec in the apparmor backend
    - interfaces: alphabetize framebuffer in base decl and add it to
    - tests: add ubuntu-core-16-32 system to the external backend and
      fix docker test
    - cmd/libsnap: simplify sc_string_quote default case
    - osutil: fix double expand in environment map code and add test
    - interfaces: extend location-control out-of-process provider
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: use bidirectional lists for mount entries
    - tests: prevent automatic transition before setting the initial
      state of the test
    - release: detect if we are in ForcedDevMode by inspecting the
    - tests: add core-snap-refresh test
    - interfaces: add maliit input method interface
    - interfaces: seccomp spec API tweaks for better tests
    - interfaces: updates for mir-kiosk in browser-support, mir, opengl,
    - testutils: address review feedback from PR#2997
    - tests: specify the core version to be unsquashfs'ed in the
      failover tests
    - interfaces: use MockInfo in tests
    - cmd/libsnap: add sc_quote_string
    - cmd/snap-confine: use sc_do_umount everywhere
    - interfaces: add unity8 plug permissions
    - timeutil: a few helpers for the recurring events
    - asserts: implement snap-developer type
    - partition: deal with grub{,2}-editenv in tests
    - many: add new (hidden) `snap debug ensure-state-soon` command and
      use in tests
    - interfaces/builtin: small refactor of dbus tests
    - packaging, tests: use "systemctl list-unit-files --full"
    - many: some opensuse patches that are ready to go into master
    - packaging: add opensuse permissions files
    - client, daemon: move "snap list" name filtering into snapd.
    - interfaces: use seccomp specs
    - overlord/snapstate: small cleanup of
    - interfaces/builtin/alsa: add read access to alsa state dir
    - interfaces: use spec in kmod backend, updated firewall_control,
      openvswitch_support, ppp
    - cmd/snap-confine: use sc_do_mount everywhere
    - tests: remove workaround for docker again, snap-declaration is
      fixed now
    - interfaces: interface to allow autopilot introspection

snapd (2.23.6) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1673568
    - cmd: use the most appropriate snap/snapctl sockets
    - tests: fix interfaces-cups-control for zesty
    - configstate,hookstate: timeout the configure hook after 5 mins,
      report failures
    - packaging: rename the file shipping snap-confine AA profile to
      workaround dpkg bug #858004
    - many: ignore configure hook failures on core refresh to ensure
      upgrades are always possible
    - snapstate: restart as needed if we undid unlinking aka relinked
      core or kernel snap

snapd (2.23.5) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1673568
    - allow "sync" in core-support

snapd (2.23.4) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1673568
    - fix core-support interface for the new pi-config options

snapd (2.23.3) xenial; urgency=medium

  * FTBFS due to missing files in vendor/

snapd (2.23.2) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1673568
    - cmd/snap: handle missing snap-confine (#3041)

snapd (2.23.1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1665608
    - packaging, tests: use "systemctl list-unit-files --full"
    - interfaces: fix default content attribute value
    - tests: do not nuke the entire snapd.conf.d dir when changing
      store settings
    - hookstate: run the right "snap" command in the hookmanager 
    - snapstate: revert PR#2958, run configure hook again everywhere

snapd (2.23) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1665608
    - overlord: phase 2 with 2nd setup-profiles and hook done after
      restart for core installation
    - data: re-add snapd.refresh.{timer,service} with weekly schedule
    - interfaces: allow 'getent' by default with some missing dbs to
      various interfaces
    - overlord/snapstate: drop forced devmode
    - snapstate: disable running the configure hook on classic for the
      core snap
    - ifacestate: re-generate apparmor in InterfaceManager.initialize()
    - daemon: DevModeDistro does not imply snapstate.Flags{DevMode:true}
    - interfaces/bluez,network-manager: implement ConnectedSlot policy
    - cmd: add helpers for mounting / unmounting
    - snapstate: error in LinkSnap() if revision is unset
    - release: add linuxmint 18 to the non-devmode distros
    - cmd: fixes to run correctly on opensuse
    - interfaces: consistently use 'const' instead of 'var' for security
    - interfaces: miscellaneous policy updates for unity7, udisks2 and
    - interfaces/apparmor: compensate for kernel behavior change
    - many: only tweak core config if hook exists
    - overlord/hookstate: don't report a run hook output error without
      any context
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: move test data and helpers to new module
    - vet: fix vet error on mount test.
    - tests: empty init (systemd) failover test
    - cmd: add .indent.pro file to the tree 
    - interfaces: specs for apparmor, seccomp, udev
    - wrappers/services: RemainAfterExit=yes for oneshot daemons w/ stop
    - tests: several improvements to the nested suite
    - tests: do not use core for "All snaps up to date" check
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: add function for sorting mount entries
    - httputil: copy some headers over redirects
    - data/selinux: merge SELinux policy module
    - kmod: added Specification for kmod security backend
    - tests: failover test for rc.local crash
    - debian/tests: map snapd deb pockets to core snap channels for
    - many: switch channels on refresh if needed
    - interfaces/builtin: add /boot/uboot/config.txt access to core-
    - release: assume higher version of supported distros will still
    - cmd/snap-update-ns: add compare function for mount entries
    - tests: enable docker test
    - tests: bail out if core snap is not installed
    - interfaces: use mount.Entry instead of string snippets.
    - osutil: trivial tweaks to build ID support
    - many: display kernel version in 'snap version'
    - osutil: add package for reading Build-ID
    - snap: error when `snap list foo` is run and no snap is installed
    - cmd/snap-confine: don't crash if nvidia module is loaded but
      drivers are not available
    - tests: update listing test for latest core snap version update
    - overlord/hookstate/ctlcmd: helper function for creating a deep
      copy of interface attributes
    - interfaces: add a linux framebuffer interface
    - cmd/snap, store: change error messages to reflect latest UX doc
    - interfaces: initial unity8 interface
    - asserts: improved information about assertions format in the
      Decode doc comment
    - snapstate: ensure snapstate.CanAutoRefresh is nil in tests
    - mkversion.sh: Add support for taking the version as a parameter
    - interfaces: add an interface for use by thumbnailer
    - cmd/snap-confine: ensure that hostfs is root owned.
    - screen-inhibit-control: add methods for delaying screensavers
    - overlord: optional device registration and gadget support on
    - overlord: make seeding work also on classic, optionally
    - image,cmd/snap: refactoring and initial envvar support to use
      stores needing auth
    - tests: add libvirt interface spread test
    - cmd/libsnap: add helper for dropping permissions
    - interfaces: misc updates for network-control, firewall-control,
      unity7 and default policy
    - interfaces: allow recv* and send* by default, accept4 with accept
      and other cleanups
    - interfaces/builtin: add classic-support interface
    - store: use xdelta3 from core if available and not on the regular
    - snap: add contact: line in `snap info`
    - interfaces/builtin: add network-setup-control which allows rw
      access to netplan
    - unity7: support missing signals and methods for status icons
    - cmd: autoconf for RHEL
    - cmd/snap-confine: look for PROCFS_SUPER_MAGIC
    - dirs: use the right snap mount dir for the distribution
    - many: differentiate between "distro" and "core" libexecdir
    - cmd: don't reexec on RHEL family
    - config: make helpers reusable
    - snap-exec: support nested environment variables in environment
    - release: add galliumos support
    - interfaces/builtin: more path options for serial
    - i18n: look into core snaps when checking for translations
    - tests: nested image testing
    - tests: add basic test for docker
    - hookstate,ifacestate: support snapctl set/get slot and plug attrs
      (step 3) 
    - cmd/snap: add shell completion to connect
    - cmd: add functions to load/save fstab-like files
    - snap run: create "current" symlink in user data dir
    - cmd: autoconf for centos
    - tests: add more debug if ubuntu-core-upgrade fails
    - tests: increase service retries
    - packaging/ubuntu-14.04: inform user how to extend PATH with
    - cmd: add helpers for working with mount/umount commands
    - overlord/snapstate: prepare for using snap-update-ns
    - cmd: use per-snap mount profile to populate the mount namespace
    - overlord/ifacestate: setup seccomp security on startup
    - interface/seccomp: sort combined snippets
    - release: don't force devmode on LinuxMint "serena"
    - tests: filter ubuntu-core systems for authenticated find-private
    - interfaces/builtin/core-support: Allow modifying logind
      configuration from the core snap
    - tests: fix "snap managed" output check and suppress output from
      expect in the authenticated login tests
    - interfaces: shutdown: also allow shutdown/reboot/suspend via
    - cmd/snap-confine-tests: reformat test to pass shellcheck
    - cmd: add sc_is_debug_enabled
    - interfaces/mount: add dedicated mount entry type
    - interfaces/core-support: allow modifying systemd-timesyncd and
      sysctl configuration
    - snap: improve message after `snap refresh pkg1 pkg2`
    - tests: improve snap-env test
    - interfaces/io-ports-control: use /dev/port, not /dev/ports
    - interfaces/mount-observe: add quotactl with arg filtering (LP:
    - interfaces/mount: generate per-snap mount profile
    - tests: add spread test for delta downloads
    - daemon: show "$snapname (delta)" in progress when downloading
    - cmd: use safer functions in sc_mount_opt2str
    - asserts: introduce a variant of model assertions for classic
    - interfaces/core-support: allow modifying snap rsyslog
    - interfaces: remove some syscalls already in the default policy
      plus comment cleanups
    - interfaces: miscellaneous updates for hardware-observe, kernel-
      module-control, unity7 and default
    - snap-confine: add the key for which hsearch_r fails
    - snap: improve the error message for `snap try`
    - tests: fix pattern and use MATCH in find-private
    - tests: stop tying setting up staging store access to the setup of
      the state tarball
    - tests: add regression spread test for #1660941
    - interfaces/default: don't allow TIOCSTI ioctl
    - interfaces: allow nice/setpriority to 0-19 values for calling
      process by default
    - tests: improve debug when the core transition test hangs
    - tests: disable ubuntu-core->core transition on ppc64el (its just
      too slow)
    - snapstate: move refresh from a systemd timer to the internal
      snapstate Ensure()
    - tests/lib/fakestore/refresh: some more info when we fail to copy
    - overlord/devicestate: backoff between retries if the server seems
      to have refused the serial-request
    - image: check kernel/gadget publisher vs model brand, warn on store
      disconnected snaps
    - vendor: move gettext.go back to github.com/ojii/gettext.go
    - store: retry on 502 http response as well
    - tests: increase snap-service kill-timeout
    - store,osutil: use new osutil.ExecutableExists(exe) check to only
      use deltas if xdelta3 is present
    - cmd: fix autogen.sh on fedora
    - overlord/devicemgr: fix test: setup account-key before using the
      key for signing
    - cmd: add /usr/local/* to PATH
    - cmd: add sc_string_append
    - asserts: support for correctly suggesting format 2 for snap-
    - interfaces: port mount backend to new APIs, unify content of per
      app/hook profiles
    - overlord/devicestate: implement policy about gadget and kernel
      matching the model
    - interfaces: allow sched_setscheduler again by default
    - debian: update breaks/replaces for snap-confine->snapd
    - debian: move the snap-confine packaging into snapd
    - 14.04/integrationtests: rely on upstart to restart ssh.
    - store: enable download deltas on classic by default
    - spread: add unit suite
    - snapctl: add config in client to disable auth and use it in
    - overlord/ifacestate: register all security backends with the
    - overlord,tests: have enable/disable affect security profiles
    - tests: install ubuntu-core from the same channel as core
    - overlord: move configstate.Transaction into config package
    - seccomp-support.c: add PF_* domains which can be used instead of
    - store: always log retry summary when SNAPD_DEBUG is set
    - tests: parameterize kernel snap channel
    - snapenv: do not append ":" to the SNAP_LIBRARY_PATH
    - interfaces/builtin: refine the content interface rules using $SLOT
    - asserts,interfaces/policy: add support for
      $SLOT()/$PLUG()/$MISSING in *-attributes constraintsThis adds
      support for $SLOT(arg), $PLUG(arg) and $MISSING attribute
      constraints in plugs and slots rules in snap-declarations:
    - cmd/snap-confine: add snap-confine command line parser module
    - tests: remove (some) garbage files found by restore cleanup
    - cmd: fix issues uncovered by valgrind
    - tests: fix typo in systems name
    - cmd: collect string utilities in one module, add missing tests
    - cmd: rename mountinfo to sc_mountinfo
    - tests: allow to install snapd debs from a ppa instead of building
    - spread: remove state tar on project restore

snapd (2.22.7) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release:
    - errtracker,overlord/snapstate: more info in errtracker reports
    - interfaces/apparmor: compensate for kernel behavior change

Date: 2017-04-19 12:07:11.530671+00:00
Changed-By: Michael Vogt <michael.vogt at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Andy Whitcroft <apw at canonical.com>
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