[ubuntu/yakkety-proposed] interchange 5.7.7-2.1 (Accepted)

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at linux.com
Sun Sep 25 14:30:12 UTC 2016

interchange (5.7.7-2.1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * Fix "FTBFS with '.' removed from perl's @INC":
    patch relocate.pl to "require './scripts/"
    Thanks Dominic Hargreaves for the patch.
    (Closes: #834550)
  * Additionally add "-I." to a perl call in debian/rules, otherwise the build
    fails later for the same reason.
  * Fix "Build arch:all+arch:any but is missing build-{arch,indep}
    targets": add build-arch and build-indep targets to debian/rules.
    Patch from Santiago Vila, thanks.
    (Closes: #821994)
  * (Re?)apply the patch from #625904 to replace Digest::SHA1 with
    (Closes: #687904)

Date: 2016-09-06 16:21:16.805694+00:00
Changed-By: Stefan Hornburg (Racke) <racke at linuxia.de>
Signed-By: Jeremy Bicha <jbicha at linux.com>
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