[ubuntu/yakkety-proposed] ubuntu-ui-toolkit 1.3.2085+16.10.20160831.4 (Accepted)

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at canonical.com
Wed Sep 14 08:40:25 UTC 2016

ubuntu-ui-toolkit (1.3.2085+16.10.20160831.4) yakkety; urgency=medium

  [ Zoltan Balogh ] 
  * Remove the *.la files from the -dev package; they have been obsolete for
    many years, cause dependency trouble.
  * Fix the sscanf and roundf incompatiblity for Yaketty builds

  [ Nick Dedekind ]
  * API for MenuBar, Menus, MenuItem & MenuSeparator.
  * Introduced Action states & ExclusiveGroup action list

  [ Tim Peeters ]
  * Add ScrollingActionBarStyle.

  [ Zsombor Egri ]
  * SplitView to Ubuntu.Components.Labs.
  * Get rid of pragma warning, use standard way to mark an argument unused; fix
    build failure related to static const used in qMin(), happening with Qt5.5.1

  [ Florian Boucault ]
  * ActivityIndicatorStyle: set default size on component instead of style.

  [ Morgan ]
  * Update Popover and ListItem code examples to use the new ListItem and
    ListItemLayout components.

Date: 2016-08-31 16:46:29.303470+00:00
Changed-By: Zoltan Balogh <zoltan.balogh at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Ubuntu Archive Robot <cjwatson+ubuntu-archive-robot at chiark.greenend.org.uk>
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