[ubuntu/yakkety-security] linux 4.8.0-27.29 (Accepted)

Andy Whitcroft apw at canonical.com
Wed Nov 9 16:31:21 UTC 2016

linux (4.8.0-27.29) yakkety; urgency=low

  [ Seth Forshee ]

  * Release Tracking Bug
    - LP: #1635377

  * proc_keys_show crash when reading /proc/keys (LP: #1634496)
    - SAUCE: KEYS: ensure xbuf is large enough to fix buffer overflow in
      proc_keys_show (LP: #1634496)

  * Revert "If zone is so small that watermarks are the same, stop zone balance"
    in yakkety (LP: #1632894)
    - Revert "UBUNTU: SAUCE: (no-up) If zone is so small that watermarks are the
      same, stop zone balance."

  * lts-yakkety 4.8 cannot mount lvm raid1 (LP: #1631298)
    - SAUCE: (no-up) dm raid: fix compat_features validation

  * kswapd0 100% CPU usage (LP: #1518457)
    - SAUCE: (no-up) If zone is so small that watermarks are the same, stop zone

  * [Trusty->Yakkety] powerpc/64: Fix incorrect return value from
    __copy_tofrom_user (LP: #1632462)
    - SAUCE: (no-up) powerpc/64: Fix incorrect return value from

  * Ubuntu 16.10: Oops panic in move_page_tables/page_remove_rmap after running
    memory_stress_ng. (LP: #1628976)
    - SAUCE: (no-up) powerpc/pseries: Fix stack corruption in htpe code

  * Paths not failed properly when unmapping virtual FC ports in VIOS (using
    ibmvfc) (LP: #1632116)
    - scsi: ibmvfc: Fix I/O hang when port is not mapped

  * [Ubuntu16.10]KV4.8: kernel livepatch config options are not set
    (LP: #1626983)
    - [Config] Enable live patching on powerpc/ppc64el

  * CONFIG_AUFS_XATTR is not set (LP: #1557776)
    - [Config] CONFIG_AUFS_XATTR=y

  * Yakkety update to 4.8.1 stable release (LP: #1632445)
    - arm64: debug: avoid resetting stepping state machine when TIF_SINGLESTEP
    - Using BUG_ON() as an assert() is _never_ acceptable
    - usb: misc: legousbtower: Fix NULL pointer deference
    - Staging: fbtft: Fix bug in fbtft-core
    - usb: usbip: vudc: fix left shift overflow
    - USB: serial: cp210x: Add ID for a Juniper console
    - Revert "usbtmc: convert to devm_kzalloc"
    - ALSA: hda - Adding one more ALC255 pin definition for headset problem
    - ALSA: hda - Fix headset mic detection problem for several Dell laptops
    - ALSA: hda - Add the top speaker pin config for HP Spectre x360
    - Linux 4.8.1

  * PSL data cache should be flushed before resetting CAPI adapter
    (LP: #1632049)
    - cxl: Flush PSL cache before resetting the adapter

  * thunder nic: avoid link delays due to RX_PACKET_DIS (LP: #1630038)
    - net: thunderx: Don't set RX_PACKET_DIS while initializing

  * crypto/vmx/p8_ghash memory corruption (LP: #1630970)
    - crypto: ghash-generic - move common definitions to a new header file
    - crypto: vmx - Fix memory corruption caused by p8_ghash
    - crypto: vmx - Ensure ghash-generic is enabled

  * arm64: SPCR console not autodetected (LP: #1630311)
    - of/serial: move earlycon early_param handling to serial
    - ACPI: parse SPCR and enable matching console
    - ARM64: ACPI: enable ACPI_SPCR_TABLE
    - serial: pl011: add console matching function

  * include/linux/security.h header syntax error with !CONFIG_SECURITYFS
    (LP: #1630990)
    - SAUCE: (no-up) include/linux/security.h -- fix syntax error with

  * sha1-powerpc returning wrong results (LP: #1629977)
    - crypto: sha1-powerpc - little-endian support

Date: 2016-10-20 20:58:13.316816+00:00
Changed-By: Seth Forshee <seth.forshee+lp at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Andy Whitcroft <apw at canonical.com>
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