[xubuntu-users] micro:bit & mu-editor on Xubuntu

Csanyi Pal csanyipal at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 15:02:38 UTC 2020


I have micro:bit attached to my laptop on which running Xubuntu 18.04.4 LTS.

After I attached micro:bit an icon appeares on XFCE4 Desktop which can 
to use to mount this device to


This way I can pair the device 'BBC micro:bit CMSIS-DAP' and my laptop 
by using https://python.microbit.org/v/2.0 in my Google Chrome browser.

But in mu-editor I can't do this, can't use neither REPL, nor FILE 
because I get this message box:
"Colud not find an attached device

Please make sure the device is plugged into this computer.

It must have a version of MicroPython (or CircuitPython) flashed onto it 
before the REPL will work.

Finally, press the device's reset button and wait a few seconds before 
trying again."

$ lsusb
ID 0d28:0204 NXP LPC1768

This line above is for the micro:bit attached.

$ ls /dev/ | grep tty

In the output of the command above there is not a /dev/ttyACM0
  or other ACM* device out there.

Why is not there such a device /dev/ttyACM* out there?

I suspect mu-editor does not find the device because there is no such 
device /dev/ttyACM* out there.

Best, Paul Chany

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