[xubuntu-users] Install of Clear Linux - failure?

lefty leftystrat1 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 18:04:26 UTC 2019

did you decompress the xz file?

On 6/26/19 1:10 PM, Erika Dahlqvist wrote:
> Dear All,
> Can you please help? I am to install but already stopped by the down 
> load. There is a zipped file ending w xz, fine, but now going to Rufus...
> https://clearlinux.org/documentation/clear-linux/get-started/bootable-usb#bootable-usb-windows 
> the screen shots are dated I am afraid.
> So when trying to create the USB of 16 GB, 3.0, I have ran into this
> image.png
> so, am I lost now? I am going to run this as a stand alone OS leaving 
> Xubuntu behind.
> If there is any help to get before Friday, thanks a million
> Erika

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