[xubuntu-users] Printer-issues after update

hans Schneidhofer mei-mail at posteo.de
Thu Apr 18 15:33:15 UTC 2019

hi list,
have updated xubuntu 18.04 today and uname -a displays :

But now some Problems appears. 

1. Libreoffice :
the only one Printer I see is "Generic Printer"
My installed Printer "Brother HLL8250" does not appear.

lpstat says : Invalid file descriptor

But cups says, all is okay. There I can see both installed Printers and
I can print to both printers as well with Inkscape, Gimp, Blender and

Only with Libreoffice I can not print anything.

Has anyone from this list had similar experiences - and - what can I
change now?

Thank you very much for your help

bye hans

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