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Mon Apr 8 02:03:11 UTC 2019

Maybe try
    apt-get dist-upgrade

Or, there is a new version of The GIMP available. Try un-installing what you have
   apt-get autoclean
   apt-get dist-upgrade

Then download from
And install.

Always read release notes first.

FWIW,  Xubuntu16.04 is at end of life site you might upgrade first and go from tbere.

-- Roger Broseus
Pls excuse auto-correction induzed tiepos.

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I am wondering whether anybody else has these issues:
I did a fresh install of 16.04.5LTS.
updated my repositories
- I cannot install gimp. Broken packages because libgegl. It essentially
conflicts with its own libgegl-dev package
- I cannot install build-essential: conflict with the installed gcc and
libstdc6 and the -dev. There is no way to resolve these packages that I can
affects any package that even remotely depends on any of these.
I tried archive.ubuntu.com/archive and us.ubuntu.archive.com/archive with
the same sad outcome.
Some posts on for example askubuntu have been shown down as being not
Trust me, it's very reproducible for those effected by it.

Any help would be appreciated

Lutz Andersohn
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