[xubuntu-users] start a video call from the command line to a specific contact with Viber, Ring or Linphone (64 bit Xubuntu 18.04)

Yvo Brasseur yvo.brasseur at rendaosolutions.com
Thu Sep 13 07:40:08 UTC 2018


With Ekiga  it is possible to start a video call form bash using 'Ekiga -c
xxx.yyyyy at ekiga.net.
This starts the GUI and activates the call.
(It used to be possible with Skype too, adding userid/password + call
I used this for an application for elderly people that cannot use a mouse
or keyboard,
but it doesn't work anymore with skypeforlinux.   I'd love to forget about
Skype ..
It is possible with Ekiga,  but the screen and sound tend to freeze..)

Has anybody find a similar solution other than Skype or Ekiga ?

I have been trying so far with Viber, Linphone and Ring without success...
Maybe there are better solutions ?


Yvo Brasseur.


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Skype ID: yvo.brasseur
(Pls send SMS or mail before using Skype to have it activated.)
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