[xubuntu-users] Off topic, suggestions for light weight linux OS

chris chris352011 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 04:26:17 UTC 2018

On 15/07/18 15:14, Art wrote:
> I need some help deciding which linux distro to install. It's a special
> project which needs the following:
> Must run directly from a usb or sd card
> Must support gpg for strong encryption (gpg)
> Must be light weight and fast loading*
> Must offer an encrypted home folder option
> Must store unencrypted files securely if needed, can't be a 'live' usb/sd**
> Must load FAST
> Must support wireless
> Must be secure, high security is a plus
> Prefer xfce, not mandatory
> Prefer long life cycle, such as Ubuntu's LTS
> Prefer no frills
> Prefer Xubuntu, since it's what I use***
> *only needs to do firefox, thunderbird and an IRC client (non browser type)
> **unless persistence is enabeled
> ***I'm not sure Xubuntu can be made light weight enough to load fast
> This is for family and friends to keep in touch and to store sensitive
> information on and to send encrypted emails. In a nutshell, the family
> members that used to call me 'paranoid' because I used linux have seen
> the light. Two of them have been compromised and have demonstrated that
> they want to have secure installs (by their actions, not just their
> words) for comms with family and friends. One family member had a high
> security employer maintained computer that was heavily bogged down with
> firewalls and antivirus software! The special linux installs WILL NOT be
> their primary computers (for the time being), so the linux installs will
> be basically 'single' purpose.
> Any suggestions??
> TY.
manjero xfce4

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