[xubuntu-users] Now Firefox autofill addresses are gone, as is the choice in "preferen ces"

avengethecathars avengethecathars at juno.com
Wed Jul 11 21:57:51 UTC 2018

Subject says it all. AlmostJust had an update via software updater, firefox started acting up (tabs crashing-now not), and now the autofill addresses, and more important, the choice itself within "preferences > privacy and security> "Forms and Passwords" itself is missing. Of course, under History I have "Use custom settings for history" and "Clear history when Firefox closes"> Settings > Settings for Clearing History > When I quit Firefox, it should automatically clear all: Form & Search History UNCHECKED) phew. Now there are no saved autofill addresses (whole addresses) choice in Forms and Passwords, which used to be there, and of course, when trying to autofill forms, there are no addresses. Sorry for the wordiness, redundancy and also the redundancy. Anyone got any idea what might be going on?P.
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