[xubuntu-users] A Bionic Experience

Leigh S leigh at sutherland.pt
Thu Apr 5 17:52:42 UTC 2018

Hi, Moin, Olá etc

I am really, really happy with the absolutely excellent Xubuntu, thanks!

I did read through the blog and link info about helping with testing with very good intentions but it all went over my head and I could see that I would just be more trouble than help, given the time I have available (small child, work, house rebuild etc etc).

But, ....... I thought at least I could say congrats and thanks and jot down the very few glitches I had (sorry if it doesn't help this way)

I have installed the daily of 18.04 via USB stick on my ASUS 550LB laptop and installed all of my usual apps and it is all really great and snappy, much slicker than 16.04 :)

Firstly, no problems noted yet using:



Wire Desktop













Grub Customiser

Master PDF Editor


Private Internet Access


Zotero Standalone



AND, the bluetooth worked with my CSR 4.0 Bluetooth 'dongle' and Bose Soundlink Mini, which is much better :) :) :)

Actually, this is absolutely Marvelous and Tip Top, now I can listen to all my old 70's punk with no cable - Thanks again!

The only very small 'problems' (they were really only 'hiccups') I have had so far were:

The live USB stick (made using usb-creator-gtk) would only work when in the USB 2.0 port of my computer (it got stuck on the blue Xubuntu splash screen when in the 3.0 ports), but this is not different from with 16.04 IIRC.

(Also, I did not know if I should remove the stick before reboot after installation finished - I didn't and had to force shutdown and then restart after all was good)

Installing atom editor from their latest .deb on the website was missing a dependency (gvfs-bin) - perhaps this is their problem tho? (I did email them)

gnome-software works much better now (I dont have to use dpkg -i at all now), except there is a 'Some Title' notification when it starts for some reason.

The internal mic is swapped with the external mic (i.e. they are wrong) and I have to swap to 'external mic (unplugged)' to get my mic to work (was also like this on 16.04)

I'm also waiting for the bionic Nextcloud desktop app, and no Pyrenamer or Mcomix found (can I install the versions for Xenial or Artful?)

Finally, re themes, very subjective I know, but ...

I always use moka icons and use arc-darker theme and I think it looks just as good as any other so called 'eye candy' distribution that I have tried over the last couple of years since I found Linux (Hallelujah!)

I also change clock property to fuzzy (right click) & move to centre, Remove 'Window Buttons' (I use alt tab), Insert (expanded) separator to left of clock.

The other thing I do is tell all the other people I know about the wonderful Xubuntu,

So ........., 


(It's very much appreciated)


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