[xubuntu-users] Three questions.-

Andrés E. Bracho S. a.bracho at aol.com
Sun May 21 18:35:56 UTC 2017


I subscribed to this mailing list two days ago.

I bought a brand new laptop (Asus X555Y) and I finally managed to pass the bios and install a complete Xubuntu 17.04. Now I'm trying to install my printer (Canon MP250) but it's missing libtiff4. What can I do?

Another issue is that I'm trying to install Slingscold but none of the repositories I'm adding is working. None can find the app which is up and running on my very old Acer Aspire One Z5 also running Xubuntu 17.04 (but upgrading since 15.04). Where can I find a deb package for Slimgcold or an alternative but similar dashboard?
Finally, I installed Master PDF Editor and installed very well but when clicking on it icon nothing happens. The app does not run. Any idea why?

Now that I'm thinking in netiquete. should I split this mail in three parts or is ok to send it like this...

Thanks in advance for your help.


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