[xubuntu-users] Marking a text file as executable

fred roller fredroller66 at gmail.com
Wed May 24 01:27:00 UTC 2017

| The text file starts with #! /usr/bin/wish

  This line is for the script itself to use the "wish" or WIndowing SHell
program to run the script.  As long as it is installed and in the /usr/bin/
directory the script should run.  As mentioned you need to set the
execution bit as described above.  And, running from the command line,
unless the script is in a predefined $PATH location you will need to
precede the command(script) with a "dot-slash" ./ if you are in the same


or use the absolute path to the command.

for it to execute /after/ setting the execution bit.  I bare in mind also
you are looking for a GUI solution to run the program but I don't see one
right off short of right click --> Open with other application and choose
terminal emulator way down at the bottom of the list, option.  I don't
recommend this as it may not leave the shell window open when it executes
and you may miss critical feed back from the script.  Running from CLI is
painless and better at this point IMO.

-- Fred
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