[xubuntu-users] "Couldn't create temporary file ..."

fred roller fredroller66 at gmail.com
Thu May 18 00:33:40 UTC 2017

On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 7:41 PM, Hans Schneidhofer <hans_linuser at aon.at>

> E: Couldn't create temporary file to work with
> /var/lib/apt/lists/gd.tuwien.ac.at_opsys_linux_ubuntu_archive_dists_xen
> ial_InRelease - mkstemp (30: Das Dateisystem ist nur lesbar) --> [The file
> system is read only]
> E: Die Liste der Paketquellen oder die Status-Datei konnten nicht
> geöffnet werden. --> [The list of package sources or the status file could
> not be opened.]
> E: _cache->open() failed, please report.
> W: Es wird keine Sperre für schreibgeschützte Sperrdatei -->[There will be
> no lock for read-only lock file]
> /var/lib/dpkg/lock verwendet.
> *****************************************

Seems a permission issue somewhere.  You can check the tempfs /run/lock,
which I believe synaptic uses.  Also, might check the list file
"gd.tuwien.ac.at_opsys_linux_ubuntu_archive_dists_xen" for permission
issues as well.

My two bits,
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