[xubuntu-users] Exceedingly Grateful

Joao Monteiro jmonteiro257 at gmail.com
Sat May 13 19:22:18 UTC 2017


Newbie to Linux, so please cut me some slack - but by all means Do joke and
have a laugh, humour IS important.

I don't even know if I will be able to get back to this list to read
anything or post anything else, I really don't. But I want to say this for
whatever it may be worth to anyone working on the Xubuntu Xfce...
give up and experiment with
THANK YOU for all your hard work and PLEASE don't ever let this version of
Linux die away.

I have for the last 3 years been trying various flavours and versions of
Linux to move away from Windows, which has been exaspering me no end for
the most varied reasons. Not being a computer geek, it have been a long 3
years of frustartion, disappointment and at times exasperation... but
somewhere deep in myself I knew Linux was what I wanted and above else
NEEDED... so I stuck to my guns and kept the myriad of steady advices from
various communities to not give up and keep experimenting with different
versions until I finf one that feels right for me.

I got a first hope with Linux Mate, which i will always respect and love
for throwing me into the right track - for my personal ways of course.

I finally got it with Xubuntu Xfce. Hell, I don't even know if this is the
correct definition/name/whatever of the version. I only know that I'm head
over heels with it and can't let go of it.

Basically, I found a Xubuntu Xfce (desktop) version available for download
for 32 and 64 bit machines; downloaded both, installed the 32 bit on an old
Asus eeepc 1000H which had Windows XP. Worked so well that I didn't think
twice and installed the 64 bit version on an equally old Samsung R20 laptop
(notorious apparently for being a piece of crap acording to geeks who know
about these things), wiping out the damn Windows 7 altogether without any

The Samsung R20 laptop might be the piecve of crap that many call it, but
for your information it is running all the windows applications that I need
(their equivalents in Linux world in some cases) without a glitch and much,
much faster than my Toshiba core i7 with Windows 7.

I play movies, play my music selections while working on other applications
at same time (pdf's, excel, word, cad drawing, emails, you name it) and the
dang old Samsung has turned out to surprise me as a hell of a most
reliable, fast, efficient and unexpectedly wonderful, blissful breath of
much welcome and desperately needed fresh air.

I AM WORKING now. Not drinking cup after cup of coffee or chain smoking
ciggy after ciggy waiting for a massive drive backup or a long file list to
finish copying and saving. I get memory sticks with God knows what crap
people setup in there and can't even be recognized by Windows connected to
the laptop, fire up gparted - or sometimes just go command line with gpart
- and I recover the whole data in them and reformat them for them to become
again usable by WINDOWS (hahaha what a slap on the face to microsoft)

Gentlemen, ladies, folks in general... I'm just a PC user like millions
world wide, not a computer geek... but xubuntu Xfce made my move away from
Microsoft windows a REALITY.

I struggle with money like most and I am busy to my eyeballs with work
(both for a living as well as private research - energy related) so i don't
have a clue how could I possibly give any contribution to this community
and project. hence, this long babbling just to say THANK YOU to all of you
who made this Linux version a reality and are keeping it going. Make no
mistakes, everybody at work can't help it to ask me what a hell am I
running on my laptop and I DO take the time to tell them, to show them what
i have on this little old dated machine that just puts their fancy core
i5's and core i7's running windows to shame. And some who know me and know
my moral and ethical integrity have been asking me to install xubuntu xfce
on their PC's and laptops side by side with Windows - which i do, AFTER
they try the xubuntu xfce from a live USB stick (with persistence to allow
them to save files in it) first, to see if they like it and feel
comfortable with it.

Yes, a long and boring post to most of you, I know... but you are all
"Linuxers" by defult. I'm just a disgruntled, disgusted and exasperated
Windows breed who finally, after 3 years of no mean exasperations trying
countless versions of Linux, finally found a Linux that WORKS AS IT SAYS IN
THE TIN (and consistently accross a PC and various different laptop
models), in a way that is familiar and easy to transition to from the
cursed microsoft tyranny (my opinion of course).

I can't thank you all enough, as well as to the excellent "10 things to do
first when installing xubuntu xfce" website/guide.

Perhaps someone who has nothing to contribute doesn't exactly have the
right to ask for this, but for the sake of the countless Windows users who
- like myself - are desperate to find a steady, reliable, efficient
alternative, please... keep up your work and don't let it die away. More
people than what you probably are aware of are finding Xubuntu Xfce (sorry
my ignorance, folks, it's what i call it, because it's what works for me
and it's stuck in my head and heart) through simple folks like myself who
are showing them what our old, outdated machines are doing thanks to an
operating system that somehow cares about WORKING for all ALWAYS and not
just for the elected some who can afford to keep up with the latest
expensive technologies.

Next week, when I have a few days off work, I am freeing my Toshiba core i7
from its Windows 7 devil and giving it a new and kinder, more reliable and
loving soul... xubuntu xfce 64 bit.

My renewed and sincere apologies for such a long tirade, but only those who
have gone through years of exasperation and hard trial-and-error work with
an unflinching hope of finally finding their long sought holly grail can
understand and appreciate the "why" of such a long tirade.

it's my humble and ony way of showing you my personal gratitude for your
work and how very welcome and appreciated both your efforts, your work and
the fruits of your labours are.

kindest Regards to you all

Joao Monteiro
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