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Subhadip Ghosh subhadip.sky at gmail.com
Sat May 13 07:53:00 UTC 2017

Hi David,

Probably you have already bought the laptop. So my reply might not be of 
any real help to you. I bought a Dell Inspiron laptop that came with 
Ubuntu 14.04 preinstalled. I upgraded it to Ubuntu 16.04 and then I 
switched to Xubuntu 16.04. I never had any problem with the wifi. I 
rarely use the bluetooth but it seems to work with both Ubuntu and 
Xubuntu. The brightness control works. Pretty much everything seems to 
work perfectly. And the best part is that the laptop feels snappier with 
Xubuntu on it.


On Saturday 06 May 2017 05:56 PM, David Snyderman wrote:
> I'm thinking of picking up a Dell 5520, preinstalled with U-16.04.
> Does anyone have any experience with Dells? Any issues upgrading to 
> newer releases? What about using Xubuntu on it?
> Also, any issues installing over? I like to have an encrypted drive-- 
> I think that will require a reinstall. Wondering if there are any sage 
> words of advice?
> The decision came down to the Dell, a ThinkPad T470, or a System76 
> Gazelle. While I really like my current System76 Galago, the Gazelle 
> is heavier by a fair amount. The problem with the ThinkPad is that it 
> doesn't come preinstalled (which leaves me concerned about support) 
> and I can't get it with the drive configuration I want (SSD for OS and 
> 2 TB HD for data etc.). But I'm willing to hear suggestions...
> -- 
> Thanks!
> David
> David M. Snyderman
> davesnyd at gmail.com

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