[xubuntu-users] Prospective Testers: What questions do you have?

flocculant flocculant at gmx.co.uk
Sat Jun 3 03:01:57 UTC 2017

On 03/06/17 01:35, Jose I Diaz Bardales wrote:
> ...
> Hello Flocculant and List,
> I am not new to testing but I have been absent lately (work-family life).
> I had some free time today and read the logs you provided about testing.
> I do have two questions (or clarifications)
> [Question] If enable the Propose repositories to test a specific package
> and verify that it has been fixed. Will this action update other Propose
> packages as well?
If you enable the -proposed repository to test a specific package - eg 
apt update then either upgrade only the package to test, or reinstall 
it, then disable -proposed you will not have updated *all* available 
from -proposed.

However if you apt update then apt upgrade you will upgrade *any* 
package you have installed that is available in -proposed.
> [Question] I like to test the daily ISO for the current development
> cycle but I notice a new daily ISO for Xenial and Vivid should I be
> testing those daily ISOs?
Vivid - this is EOL for us now, Vivid remains on the ISO tracker for 
Ubuntu and Phone. Though looking now I see that while it appears on the 
tracker there are no relevant builds available for anything. It will 
likely change to Released at some point.

Xenial - this will remain on the tracker until it's EOL for Ubuntu 
(2019). Historically we tend to ignore the tracker for LTS releases 
APART from when there is a milestone, next being 16.04.3.

However if you want to test them go ahead, bear in mind we don't 
regularly check tracker for Xenial now, so if you did find an issue then 
you'll need to let us know either on irc or at our -devel mailing list.
Hope that helps

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