[xubuntu-users] screen is black after laptop lid close/open

Ulli Horlacher framstag at rus.uni-stuttgart.de
Sun Jan 22 09:56:46 UTC 2017

On a Thinkpad T61 with Xubuntu 16.04 the screen is black after I close and
reopen the lid. There is no screen locking program active.
In "Power Manager" I have "Laptop lid: Switch off display".

I can switch to a text conosole with Alt-Ctrl-F2, where I see
something and login.

"xset dpms force on" does not help (going back to X11 console with
Alt-Ctrl-F7), I have to "service lightdm restart" which kills my running
xfce session.

In "Power Manager" I cannot set "Laptop lid: do nothing"?!

On Thinkpads X220 and T420 I do not have this problem, it is only with T61.

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