[xubuntu-users] Is there a Linux Distro with MS Word Pre installed?

Eric Christopherson echristopherson at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 02:27:44 UTC 2017

> On 01/12/2017 03:07 PM, Will wrote:
> > I would like to leave Windows forever but I need MS Word.  Does anyone
> > know of an easy to install Linux distro with MS Word included?  By
> > included I mean when installed MS word is ready to use with no involved
> > configuration.
> > 
> > Thank you
> > William Tabacchi

It might be worth trying MS Word in the browser (Office 365). I would
guess it's missing some functionality, but from what I understand
web-based versions of desktop apps like that have gotten a lot more
powerful lately.

        Eric Christopherson

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