[xubuntu-users] shell tools

pereira ninorpereira at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 01:22:19 UTC 2017

>>>> I saw it uses /etc/os-release, which is so well-named that there is no
>>>> doubt about what it's good for but I did not know existed. It's good to
>>>> know though
> There are many good ideas which have never succeeded, alas.
>> That's the kind of thing that drives me up the wall. There should be
>> standards for these things
> Some things need standardising to make life easier for people;
> some things simply don't need standardising at all.
As usual, common sense (whatever that is) should determine which is which.
Please, give those who make/discuss/contribute to the rules the wisdom 
to know.
>> Same with where you put programs that you get elsewhere. You mention
>> putting them in /opt:
> I must have been off-planet when /opt got "standardised"...I still don't
> know where it came from. Possibly one of the most unnecessary changes
> ever to affect Linux.
> For example, LibreOffice is not "an option", it's an application.
> What Linux (and OS software in general) needs is not more and more
> standardisation, but a Common Sense Advisor, preferably an individual,
> not a committee, whose job is to scream "horsesh*t" very loudly :-)
> whenever someone decides to start doing unnecessary things in
> unnecessary ways that break everything else for everyone.
> It used to be the job of Usenet to do this, but since everything got
> politically-correct and moved to SE, the option of flaming offenders has
> disappeared, and has been replaced by overworked mods disallowing
> questions that they haven't had time to read carefully enough.

Again, Amen Brother!
> ///Peter

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