[xubuntu-users] Is it possible to edit the right-click menu?

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at zoho.com
Mon Jan 9 09:51:42 UTC 2017

On Sun, 8 Jan 2017 08:24:03 -0600, Richard Owlett wrote:
>I would suggest that any new to Linux browse 
>http://fex.belwue.de/fstools/index.html just to gain perspective 
>of what can be done at the command line.


I strongly recommend against it, since this would teach wrong

I'm not per se against such helpers, but they aren't good examples to
learn using Linux command line.

Have you taken a look at e.g. catz? It checks the file name extension
instead of e.g. checking the magic number with "file" and then decides
to chose cat or zcat.

Or e.g. read the problem description of ax. It's simply incorrect that
it's that complicated.

There's no need to e.g. distinguish

tar xvf ARCHIVE.tar


tar xvzf ARCHIVE.tar.gz

simply use tar xfv for both

tar xvf ARCHIVE.tar
tar xvf ARCHIVE.tar.gz

There are better sources to learn using the command line, than taking a
look at examples that at least are bad for learning purpose.

Especially recommending the "del" thingy...

On Sun, 8 Jan 2017 13:42:47 +0100, Ulli Horlacher wrote:
>> So I renamed it on the broken system (I figured that was a bit safer
>> than just deleting it)  
>See http://fex.belwue.de/fstools/del.html

...is a very bad advice, since renaming, using
mv -i old_name new_name
is the common approach in this context, when using command line.


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