[xubuntu-users] Funny problem with VLC

JMZ florentior at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 07:23:52 UTC 2016

Hi Jeffrey,

When a media source is plugged into ubuntu linux, the drive is 
auto-mounted to /media.  This might not be a good place for your 
external drive to end up.  See if remounting the drive somewhere else 
allows you to access your external drive.

1) Close VLC and open a terminal window.

2) type 'lsblk'.   (I don't think you will need sudo, but throw a sudo 
in there if needed.) This will give you a tree diagram of your mounted 
drives, drive data capacities, and /dev assignments.  This should help 
you track down where your external drive is in the /dev hierarchy.

3) find and write down the /dev assignment for your external drive.

4) Y'know what, leave /media as it is.  The external drive can be 
mounted at two places at once.

5) Create some directory for the /dev to point to.  You will need to use 
'sudo mkdir' off the root, should you wish to create a directory one 
layer off root (your call).

6) mount the external drive like this:

------> (6a) 'sudo mount /dev/[/dev drive assignment]  /[name of target 
directory], where [/dev drive assignment] is a code such as sda1, sdb2 
etc.  [name of target directory] refers to the directory you have just 
created as a destination for the external drive

Now try accessing your media files off the external drive with VLC, 
drawing data from the target directory.

Good luck and Happy Motoring,

On 06/16/2016 02:34 AM, Jeffrey Needle wrote:
> Hi. Just installed Xubuntu, 64-bit.  Fully updated.
> I prefer VLC for playing media.  For some reason, VLC isn't reading my 
> external drive where I have the videos I want to watch.  Parole Media 
> Player finds it just fine.
> Anyone have any idea how I can fix this?  I've tried navigating to the 
> drive, but I can't find it anywhere in VLC's program.
> Many thanks.

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