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Patrice ARNAL patricearnal at gmx.fr
Sat Jul 23 13:05:03 UTC 2016

Le 23/07/2016 à 14:41, David Walland a écrit :
> Hi Thomas,
> Wow! Do I know that feeling!  But you know the struggle has helped me 
> even with Windows.  I've just been updating Win 7 to Win 10 and if I 
> hadn't learned to be so bloody-minded trying to learn Linux (Xubuntu) 
> I'd never have managed.  I've learned how to cull the useful 
> information from several sites which appear to be writing in some 
> strange language whuch means little or nothing to me, until the whole 
> thing gells. Suddenly, I've done something some of the IT guys at work 
> can't do (Ta Ra!!!).  I'll be emailing them the how to later this weekend.
> I'm 69 and can honestly say that even the frustrating battle teaches 
> lots; and I've learned a lot more than just that.
> Thinking like people who like to write operating systems isn't easy...
> Regards
> David Walland
> PS I still haven't found out how to turn my network board back on when 
> a Xubuntu update screwed it up.  In windows I just rolled back to the 
> previous driver and it turned it back on but it still wasn't working 
> in Xubuntu last time I tried it and I don't know how to go back to the 
> previous driver which *did/does* work
Hi, I am 71 and luckily running Linux since about 15 years and now it's 
my only OS
I run Ubuntu / XUbuntu / Linux Mint Rosa.....

I helped lot of relatives (as I'm retired) who used Windows to follow 
the move from XP to 7 and 10 ....

Most of them are now running Linux Mint Rosa because :

 1. By default W10 is completely ignoring EU privacy laws.
 2. Most of them can't afford a new machine to run W10
 3. The graphical environment was too complex for most of them
 4. Older programs (and older hardware ) did not work with W10

By the way, Xubuntu is (IMHO) far less polished than Rosa Mint making it 
somehow touchy for "ordinary" end-users.

PS : I also installed Rosa Mint on a Mini Macintosh because of the end 
of support for this machine by Apple


P Arnal

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