[xubuntu-users] Ultimate solitaire

pereira ninorpereira at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 13:20:25 UTC 2016

Your grandfather, who may be the same age as I am, should be able to
find the games in two ways.

One is to go to the window manager, select 'games' and click on Aisleriot.

The other, less in the windows style but more like an xubuntu person 
would want to do it,
is to open a terminal, perhaps with control-althernate-t), or again through
the window manager (under accessories --> terminal emulator), and then 
look what all is
available by typing:

ls /usr/games

On my system I have lots of possible games, 71 in fact. The one that 
gives me freecell is 'sol'.

Next he should type is:  ls -l /usr/games/sol

He should see something like
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 281904 Mar 10  2014 /usr/games/sol

Then he simply types 'sol'; if his system is set up te same as mine, it 
should bring up all the
Aisleriot games including freecell. Mine already starts with freecell.

Maybe his system is set up slightly differently. He might have to type

or maybe even


Wish him bonne chance. Freecell is my favorite game too


On 07/18/2016 05:40 AM, Patrice ARNAL wrote:
> Le 11/07/2016 16:19, Char a écrit :
>> My dad just bought a used laptop w/your operating system. However, 
>> all he does is play ultimate solitaire. But that is a Window CD/game. 
>> What is the closest solitaire game in you system yo theirs. Plz 
>> advise. Thx
>> Sent from my iPad
> IMHO : Solitaire Aisle Riot

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