[xubuntu-users] Xenial Issues and Ubuntu Tweak Replacement

Victor Forberger vforberger at fastmail.fm
Thu Apr 28 13:17:11 UTC 2016

On 04/28/2016 08:05 AM, Curt Dawe wrote:
> OK,
> Now I'm worried.  From reading a previous poster I'm now under the
> impression that the 16.04 Xenial Xerus LTS Beta that I'm running now
> as a new install is not LTS?
> The fact that it is LTS is the reason I tried to upgrade to it from
> my 14 version, which incidentally didn't work ever and caused me to
> reinstall with an .iso.
> Do I have to re-reinstall when the final LTS is done?
> I'm sorry to be a negative Nell, but I'm not a fan of the new
> software app at all. Not only did it not list SOME packages but it
> didn't list ANY at all in my install and I ended up downloading
> synaptic and Ubuntu Software Center from apt in order to see any
> software at all. Yet, I suppose if I could have guessed the package
> names I might have been able to do all app installs through apt.
> Anyways, I wish I knew the terminal command to get the software app
> to populate with data on packages from the get go ...  It
> mysteriously did after the other software managers were installed.
> Must have populated a database that the Xenial software app didn't?
> Maybe?
> More importantly can someone please direct me to an App that does the
> same thing as Ubuntu Tweak did on Trusty, as that glorious cleaner
> won't work yet on my Xenial. Some unsatisfiable dependency
> evidently....
> Apologies for being so long winded.
> :-)
> -------------------------------------- Curt Dawe Cupids, NL Sent from
> my iPhone --------------------------------------

16.04 is an LTS release. But, an upgrade path from the previous LTS --
14.04 -- to 16.04 will not become formalized (i.e., accessible) until
the first point release is ready -- 16.04.1.

So, you have an LTS release. As upgrades are made, you should receive them.

Keep in mind that you're at the cutting edge right now. So, software not
directly connected to the ubuntu/xubuntu projects (like ubuntu tweak)
may not be immediately updated for compatibility. Give those developers
some time to work their magic in between all the issues life might be
throwing their way.

If you haven't checked them out yet, take a look at
http://ubuntuhandbook.org/ and http://www.webupd8.org/ for news
especially about third-party software.

take care,

Victor Forberger
vforberger at fastmail.fm
blog: http://linuxatty.wordpress.com

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