[xubuntu-users] Xenial Issues and Ubuntu Tweak Replacement

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Thu Apr 28 13:20:16 UTC 2016


I guess this post over at omgubuntu explains it quite well:

16.04 is LTS. But upgrading from 14.04. to 16.04 is going to work after the
first "Point-Release" - that will happen in June/July.

Don't worry, everything is fine with your current 16.04 LTS installation :)

2016-04-28 15:05 GMT+02:00 Curt Dawe <curtdawe at hotmail.com>:

> OK,
> Now I'm worried.  From reading a previous poster I'm now under the
> impression that the 16.04 Xenial Xerus LTS Beta that I'm running now as a
> new install is not LTS?
> The fact that it is LTS is the reason I tried to upgrade to it from my 14
> version, which incidentally didn't work ever and caused me to reinstall
> with an .iso.
> Do I have to re-reinstall when the final LTS is done?
> I'm sorry to be a negative Nell, but I'm not a fan of the new software app
> at all. Not only did it not list SOME packages but it didn't list ANY at
> all in my install and I ended up downloading synaptic and Ubuntu Software
> Center from apt in order to see any software at all. Yet, I suppose if I
> could have guessed the package names I might have been able to do all app
> installs through apt.
> Anyways, I wish I knew the terminal command to get the software app to
> populate with data on packages from the get go ...  It mysteriously did
> after the other software managers were installed. Must have populated a
> database that the Xenial software app didn't? Maybe?
> More importantly can someone please direct me to an App that does the same
> thing as Ubuntu Tweak did on Trusty, as that glorious cleaner won't work
> yet on my Xenial. Some unsatisfiable dependency evidently....
> Apologies for being so long winded.
> :-)
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