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Mon Apr 4 22:27:37 UTC 2016

Yes I have exactly the same problem on 14.04 as well. If I click on the "previous" arrow, it usually goes straight to November 2015 (sometimes to other months in 2015 or 2016), and "next" usually goes to August 2017 (sometimes to other months in 2016 or 2017). It's a shame, because using that calendar would be much more useful than the alternatives that I am forced to use. Greg


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I have just installed Xubuntu 16.04 a few days ago and I have a very 
annoying bug on Orage. I had this issue in 15.10 as well.

Every time I click on the arrow to go to the next month it skips to 
many months in the future, sometimes to a month in a different year 
(2016 to 2017).

I wonder if anyone else is having this issue?


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