[xubuntu-users] Am I the only one who still uses floppies?

Alejandro Lieber dos at lieber.com.ar
Thu Jul 30 17:55:13 UTC 2015

On 27/07/15 22:42, JMZ wrote:
> Hi,
> Silly question: am I the only one who still uses floppies (ie. 1.44 MB 
> HD 3.5"/90mm)?

I still use a 20 Mhz 80286 with 1MBy of memory. No hard drive, only a 
1.44 floppy. It runs IBM PC-dos. The display is an amber hercules 9" 

In one floppy I have the OS, the packet drivers, DC file manager, 
Telnet, SSH and more than 500KBy free.

I regularly use it as a terminal to run BSD in SDF.ORG server where I 
run elinks, links, lynxs, mutt, alpine, slrn and tin.

In the rest of my computers I run Xubuntu 14.04

Alejandro Lieber
Rosario  Argentina

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