[xubuntu-users] Weird issues with HP laptop

Petter Adsen petter at synth.no
Fri Jul 17 07:26:01 UTC 2015

On Wed, 15 Jul 2015 10:50:16 -0700
MR ZenWiz <mrzenwiz at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1. What is the best method for using one of the exernal video ports?
> It has both VGA and HDMI.  On my friend's Win7 laptop, we just plug in
> an HDMI-TV cable and it works.  One thing Windows seems to do well is
> allow external devices to work (provided it recognizes them).  I'll be
> testing this tonight, but if there are any pointers to help, I'd
> appreciate them.

My laptop (HP G62) Just Works when I plug in the HDMI cable. If you go
to Settings -> Display there is a checkbox marked "Configure new
displays when connected", have you tried checking that?

> 2. Any idea what those oddball timeouts were?  I poked in the logs and
> saw nothing of any use.  I can post them later if there is any value
> to that.

If you use /etc/network/interfaces to configure networking, change the
stanza for your interface from (for example) "auto eth0" to
"allow-hotplug eth0". Then systemd won't wait for the interface to be
connected when booting, but this also means that startup jobs that
depend on networking may fail.


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