[xubuntu-users] "System program problem detected"

blind Pete 0123peter at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 04:23:10 UTC 2015

Rob Ward wrote:

> On 10/07/15 15:52, blind Pete wrote:
>> Eric Christopherson wrote:
>>> Lately I've been getting this strange dialog saying
>>>      System program problem detected
>>>      Do you want to report the problem now?
>>>      [Cancel] [Report problem...]
>>> every time I start my Xubuntu GUI session. I actually get at least two
>>> instances of this popup; one is in the top left (just under the top
>>> bar) and the other's in the center. When I click to send the report,
>>> it tells me that it's a problem installing the nvidia-331 package. I
>>> do have the closed-source Nvidia driver, but this keeps coming up when
>>> I'm not trying to upgrade. Is this just left over from some time when
>>> I tried to update the driver in the past?
>> There is a long standing bug between dkms, nvidia, and multiple
>> kernel modules.  Go to launchpad.net and search for nvidia and
>> uvm.  Apparently, it is just cosmetic for most people and will
>> be fixed with a driver update to 340 real soon now.  If you
>> are impatient and like mucking about with your computer try
>> adding the PPA from,
>> <https://launchpad.net/~mamarley/+archive/ubuntu/nvidia>.
> Just slightly off topic, but how we know when we respond to these
> alerts and we blithely type in our password to authorise the details
> to be sent off that we know that the alert is genuine and not just
> a faked up window to capture our password??
> I am never logged in as root, but routinely use my password in
> these situations.
> I am not doubting Eric's problem exists, but I am often unsure
> about various alerts I get, and how secure my response is?
> Rob Ward

If you are trying to maintain a secure environment then definitely 
refuse.  If you playing with a beta release that you want to work 
on your hardware when it is finally released then definitely accept.  
In between it is a judgment call.  It depends on what privacy and 
security you want, how much you trust your OS provider and how 
annoying you find the bug.  You have a few options; put up with it, 
change distribution, submit a bug report manually, solve the problem 
and submit a bug fix!  That will make everyone happy.  

Serious computer security is a constant arms race involving spooks, 
paranoia and much worse.  If you are good at it you are a valuable 
person, but you are going to deal with some strange characters.  

I've settled for modest security.  

blind Pete
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