[xubuntu-users] Installing 14.04 LTS, on an ASUS notebook.

Gérald Jean gerald.jean at videotron.ca
Mon Jul 6 01:17:46 UTC 2015


I am trying to install Xubuntu 14.04 LTS on an ASUS notebook.  The 
notebook is running 12.10 for over two years now and it starts giving 
problems since there is no more updates, no more support.

But when I start the machine with the USB key in the reader, it boots 
from the HD, even if the BIOS is setup with:

Boot option #1: UEFI Corsair flash Voyageur
Boot option #2: Hitachi HTS....

Secure boot control is disabled.

I thought something was wrong with the USB drive, I used Unetbootin to 
install 14.04 on it and make it bootable, so I tried the key on my 
desktop and first trial it booted from the USB key.  So it must be some 
set up in the BIOS of the notebook.

Anyone has an idea of what I'm doing wrong??



PS.  Not sure what I did but I «lost» boot option #2, so the only one 
remaining is booting from the USB key and it wont boot from there, hence 
I always end up in the BIOS and I can't boot at all??? Anyone knows: 1) 
how to restore Boot option #2, i.e. booting from the HD and 2) Solve my 
initial problem of installing 14.04 from the USB key???

Thanks again,


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