[xubuntu-users] Testing for us

Elfy ub.untu at btinternet.com
Sat Jan 17 11:38:27 UTC 2015

On 17/01/15 07:04, Rob Ward wrote:
> Hi Elfy,
> Mainly lack of confidence in two areas:
> 1. Not particularly skilled in Linux, I have only been exclusively 
> using XUbunto for about 10months, so still pretty green. Previously 
> only had "scattered" Linux experience.
To test images you need to be able to boot an image somehow - to 
hardware or to a virtual machine. With a virtual machine you can do a 
basic check that the installer boots and installs properly.

You at least know how to install :)

You can read - so you can read the testcases :) They really are simple.
> 2. Not sure my "tastes" in software are all that critical to the over 
> all project.  ie I am just general level systems user, mainly just 
> using applications, rather than tinkering with XUbuntu directly.
I don't tinker much either :)

The default packages that we use all have testcases - but for the 
majority of those a cursory read is going to show you that what is 
written there is going to be covered by most of what normal people use 
them for anyway.
> I think given directed tasks I would be OK, but as a roaming expert, 
> probably not so good!
> I would like to help though, as I have had a very satisfying 10months 
> being released from MS.

Roaming expert we're not looking for - but of you're wandering about 
using packages and if they're on the package tracker, have a look at 
it's testcase - if you cover what it says and/or more - then there's 
nothing to stop people reporting there. Especially if you have bugs that 
need reporting
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> On 17/01/15 02:18, Elfy wrote:
>> Do you test for the community?
>> Either for images or for packages, or indeed both?
>> Do you report those results to the qa trackers - if you don't - we'd 
>> love to know what it is that puts you off doing so?
>> regards
If there's a need - and sufficient numbers of people think it helpful, 
we could have a session on IRC.
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