[xubuntu-users] disable autologin

Thomas nyuwa at hb.tp1.jp
Sat Jan 3 08:20:08 UTC 2015

On 2014/12/29 0:06, Ince, Wilbur wrote:
> You can change individual user settings through the user settings
> System > Users and Groups.
> If you just need to access another account infrequently, you can
> always access user login screen via logout/shutdown menu.
> Another option is to add a 'Switch User" button to the Whisker Menu.
> Right click on the Whisker menu to access properties.  In the
> Behaviors tab find an option to show the Switch Users command.
> Wilbur Ince
> On Sat, Dec 27, 2014 at 7:08 PM, Thomas <nyuwa at hb.tp1.jp> wrote:
>> Good morning
>> I installed xubuntu 14.04 with the option "automatically login" (that is
>> what I want!)
>> However, now a situation has developed, where I would like to login as a
>> different user.
>> How can I disable the automatic login, since just creating a new user
>> etc. does NOT prevent
>> the computer from constantly and (naturally) automatically loggin in as
>> the original user.
>> Thank you in advance.
>> Thomas
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Thank you.
The thing is ... the "situation" I mentioned: my user account = 
owner+adminstrator has gone over the edge and I do not know how to 
recover it.
Someone suggested, I should try and see, whether a different user 
account works.
It does. (after some struggle I found out how to set up and switch into it)

Since I cannot recover the original account, I would like to "move" to a 
new "home".
Is there any elegant way to do that?
Once that is accomplished, I would like to change my password to 
something shorter to make life easier.
Right now, the newly set up user account NEEDED (??) at least 6 
characters. The computer would NOT let me get away with something shorter.
However, the million times or so I have tried to install various linux 
distributions on various computers,
I ALWAYS got away with a 4-character password.

No offense, but if you are "experimenting" with linux and are asked 
every 5 seconds for your password ...
having to enter to enter a long, complex password is "very annoying" - 
to put is mildly.


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