[xubuntu-users] 15.10 - isn't there just a normal 'install' from DVD now?

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Sun Dec 27 18:38:09 UTC 2015

On Sat, Dec 26, 2015 at 06:17:03PM +0000, flocculant at gmx.co.uk wrote:
> On 26/12/15 17:56, Chris Green wrote:
> >I just downloaded the 15.10 64-bit ISO and when I boot from it I get
> >an xubuntu dekstop rather than the menu one used to get.
> >
> >Given that the dekstop takes several minutes to load this seems to be
> >rather a retrograde step, I just want to put the DVD in a system and
> >tell it to install xubuntu.
> >
> >Have I missed something?
> >
> When it boots you should see icons of keyboard/human figure - hit any key.

I thought I did try that, but maybe I was clicking with the mouse.  A
word or two rather than a totally unintelligible icon would help.

> You'll see the old menu. Or if you miss that you should see a try/install
> dialogue - choose install. If you mean the old alternate installer - there
> is none now.
Yes, that's what I did, but having to wait such a long time before
being able to select 'Install' seems a bit rubbish.

Chris Green

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