[xubuntu-users] Sudden loss of WiFi during updating

JMZ florentior at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 08:53:21 UTC 2015

Hi David,

One peril of running a (what I think is a) no-longer-supported version 
of xubuntu is the possibility that the repositories for the version are 
stale.  If that's the case, they're not being updated. So, while a later 
version might support your wifi chipset, 12.04 may not.  Also, you are 
probably far behind the kernel update system.

The file /etc/apt/sources.list controls what drivers are upgraded, among 
other tasks.  If you type 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade 
&& sudo apt-get dist-upgrade', your computer references sources.list to 
see which servers it should draw information from.

Try this.  It's a bit risky and convoluted, but I can help you out if 
the computer gets stuck.

Pre-steps.  ----> Go to your terminal.

-------------------> I like ROXTerm (shameless plug).  Type 'sudo 
apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y install roxterm' to try it.

1) copy /etc/apt/sources.list to another file.  ie. go to x:x/$ (your 
root directory) and type 'sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list 
08132015-sources.list' or however you like to organize your backup files.

2) get a thumb drive and, while in the root directory, type 'sudo mv 
08132015-sources.list /media/x/[drive]' (whatever your thumb drive name 
is, check /media/).  Unmount the thumb drive and put it somewhere safe.

3) Now type 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y install gedit && 
sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list'.  This will install gedit, a basic 
text editor.  Then sources.list will appear.

4) Hash out all the lines (#).  This will tell the computer to ignore 
the old commands.

5) Copy the hashed out parts, put the copy first in the file, and remove 
the hashes from this copy.  The computer will read this part of the file.

6) Where your see 'precise' in the un-hashed out part, delete and insert 
'vivid'.  What this does is temporarily upgrade to 15.04. There's a 
backup of the old 12.04 sources.list on the thumb drive, so no worries.

7) Save sources.list, close gedit, and return to your terminal.

8) type 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get 
dist-upgrade && sudo reboot'.  This should update/upgrade the system and 
then reboot it.

9) See if wifi works when the computer comes back up.

Good luck.  Keep us informed.


On 08/13/2015 02:08 AM, David Walland wrote:
> Dear Jordan,
> I've since done this and it does show up.  I'm using 12.04 because I 
> both like it and it runs better than 14.04 on these machines, but on 
> the Ubuntu support area there's someone who had the same problem - 
> also with an Intel 2200 board - on 14.04 and followed the suggestions 
> as far as I could without success.
> I wish I understood all the various commands, but as yet, I've not 
> really got my head round them (it takes so much longer when you are 
> older).
> The update was downloading/installing Google chrome major update (10s 
> of MB download) when the wifi suddenly failed.  As I say, the wifi 
> board works perfectly under Win XP (indeed I'm using the actual 
> computer now with the XP HDD in it to write this).
> I assume that something has corrupted the driver(s) and I need to 
> reload these.
> When I click on the eternally running attempt to link with either our 
> (Virgin Superwimp) hub or the repeater, the system sees it perfectly 
> but can't link with it.  It behaves as though the password is absent.
> Regards
> David
> PS  Michelle, I've spent some time getting the machine loaded and 
> exactly as I want it and I'm reluctant to reload from scratch, which 
> was my first thought.
> On 12 August 2015 at 23:42, JMZ <florentior at gmail.com 
> <mailto:florentior at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi David,
>     Type lspci | less and see if the network card shows up on the
>     list.  Look for a term like "Network Controller" or similar.
>     Jordan
>     On 08/12/2015 06:19 PM, Michele Mor wrote:
>>     Hi David.
>>     If you don't have much personal data, or if you can do a backup I
>>     would simply use a new version of Xubuntu and reinstall
>>     everything formatting the HD.
>>     I know that it's quite drastic, but probably quicker than trying
>>     to fix things!
>>     Michele
>>     On Wed, Aug 12, 2015 at 9:26 AM, David Walland
>>     <davidwalland at googlemail.com
>>     <mailto:davidwalland at googlemail.com>> wrote:
>>         Hi All,
>>         I was updating my Xubuntu this morning when it announced that
>>         it had failed to download and stopped.  Since then I haven't
>>         been able to reconnect to WiFi. It continually tries then
>>         asks for the password for the wifi, repeated ad nauseum.
>>         Now I have two identical laptops, so, knowing the other has a
>>         perfect, identical, wifi board, I swapped the HDDs over, only
>>         to discover:
>>         a) The other machine with the Xubuntu SSD transplanted now
>>         can't connect to WiFi, although it could when it was running
>>         Win XP
>>         and
>>         b) the computer that couldn't connect under Xubuntu, happily
>>         connects when running Win XP!
>>         So the problem *has* to lie in the Xubuntu system.  This is
>>         my "Notebook" and I will need it running next Monday and
>>         Tuesday, as I'm on a course then.
>>         Here's the system details:
>>         The machine is a Toshiba Satellite Pro A10 (yes I know it's
>>         virtually scrap - that's why I can use it as my Workbook,
>>         it's not even worth stealing!)
>>         It has been upgraded to a Pentium 4 and has 1 GB memory and
>>         an 80 GB SSD.
>>         The WiFi Board is an Intel 2200 one.
>>         The system is running Xubuntu 12.04 (personal taste).
>>         I'm still a fairly new newbie and would appreciate fullest
>>         explanations of how to sort this out (please talk down to
>>         me!!!) and how to generate any further information the list
>>         might need to help me.
>>         I am wondering if the drivers have been corrupted and if so,
>>         how to remove and re-install them.  The system runs fine on a
>>         wired connection.
>>         Thanks in anticipation,
>>         David Walland
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