[xubuntu-users] X-Ubuntu Experience

V Narayanan vn1980ca at outlook.com
Tue Aug 11 13:40:39 UTC 2015

I am V. Narayanan Chartered Accountant in Whole Time Practice

I am using Linux OS since July 2010 and has become a Fan of XFCE Desktop.
I prefer Fedora till last year and currently I like Open Suse 13.2, however could not deploy it as it has some FIFO Trans coder Error and Java 8 was not installable.

Recently I attempted on Xubuntu on my Dell Inspiron 3551.

Plus Points:
a) It was well integrating with my Hardware - all peripherals work in Xubuntu alone
b) All my Functional Applications work.
c) It's very easy and fully customisable

Negative Points:
a) Slow Boot and Shutdown Time
b) LibreOffice hangs every now and then
c) System-Back is not installing in Xubuntu

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